You have just created your Teamwork Spaces site, so now it's time to get set up and start working! 

We’re here to help you collaborate with your team and build out a library of your most important information.

From workflow processes to company guidelines, you can create a single source of documentation for your organization.
◑  Exploring your site
◑  Navigating your profile menu
◑  Uploading a profile photo
◑  Inviting your team to your site
◑  Creating spaces and pages
◑  Managing space member permissions

Exploring your site

When you first sign up to Teamwork Spaces and open your site, you will see a welcome message.

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Once you click Get started, you'll be redirected to the Home area of your site which acts as a hub for all of your site's spaces, templates, and tags, as well as your personal starred spaces and pages.

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During your trial period:

  • You will see a Subscribe button near the top right of your site which provides a quick link to your Teamwork Spaces subscription area.
  • All users you add to your site will be set as active users by default.
When subscribing to Teamwork Spaces, you can either pay for all enabled users, or disable those you do not want to pay for before subscribing.

Once you subscribe to a Teamwork Spaces plan and move out of your trial period, the Subscribe button will no longer show. At that point, only site administrators in the owner company will be able to manage your subscription.

Navigating your profile menu

Your profile avatar is located at the far right of the navigation bar at the top of your site. Clicking it will open a dropdown menu with quick links to various areas.

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Menu options include:

  • Settings:
    • Personal - profile photo, name, email, password.
    • Subscription - manage your subscription to Teamwork Spaces.
    • API Keys
  • Subscription - quick link to your Teamwork Spaces subscription information.
  • Send us feedback - send a message directly to Teamwork's support team.
  • What's New - Teamwork adds announcements and tips about features here. Whenever you have unread items, you will see a red count to the right.
  • Help - access Teamwork help docs and other support center items.
  • Log Out

Uploading a profile photo

Each time a user account is added to your site, they will be assigned a profile image with their initials by default.

You can personalize your profile by adding a custom image instead, making you quickly identifiable to your team! Click your avatar and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the Personal tab of the settings area, click Change image to add a custom image from your computer. 

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As soon as you select the image, your avatar will update automatically.

Inviting your team

Now that your profile is set up, it's time to start adding your team so you can start collaborating and producing valuable content!

You can manage the users on your site via the main People area. In the All Users subsection, just click Invite people to get started.

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Each time you add a user to your site, you can enter their first name, second name, and email address.

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Teamwork users
If you set up Teamwork Spaces through an existing Teamwork account, all existing users will be synced to Teamwork Spaces automatically.

The administrator setting up Teamwork Spaces will be enabled as an active user by default. All other imported users and collaborators will be set to inactive.

During your trial, only active users will have access to Teamwork Spaces. You can edit a user’s active status via the People section.

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Administrator permissions will be inherited from Teamwork, meaning any site administrators in Teamwork will be flagged as administrators in Teamwork Spaces.

Check out our help article about the Teamwork auto sync to understand its full impact on your subscription and user access.

Creating spaces and pages

Now things really start to get interesting! Let's explore creating a space and adding some pages to it.

To do this, go to the Home section at the top of your site. If you created a space during the welcome tour, you will see it listed here - the Home area is where you can view a list of all spaces on your site!

When adding a new space, you can either click the Create a space button at the top of the Home area or use the Create a space card within the list of spaces.

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You can give the new space a title and select a color theme and icon. You can also:

  • Select a category for the space or leave it uncategorized.
  • Make the space private.
    • Note: A private space can only be accessed by the creator, and site administrators. 
  • Update the slug for the space via the Advanced section.

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When you create a space, you will automatically be directed to it. Each space will be populated with a base Home page by default.

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In the space options menu (three dots) to the right of the space name, you can jump to:

  • Activity - view a timeline of changes made by members of the space.
  • Options - customize the space's personalization settings.
    • You can also link the space to a project in your associated Teamwork site.
  • Permissions - view and manage existing space members and their permissions, as well as add new people to the space.
  • Reorder pages - use drag and drop to change the order the pages are displayed in the left pane.
  • Attachments
  • Trash

Click the Add page button in the left navigation pane to create a new page in the space.

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The page editor will open where you can set a title for the page and add contents. Click Publish to save the page. The arrow to the right of the Publish button allows you to publish with a note in the version history. If you click Close, the page will added as Untitled.

Managing space member permissions

The permissions area gives you control over who can access an individual space. As well as enabling you to limit access for more sensitive information, tailoring space members can help improve your users' experience by only giving them access to content relevant to them.

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Depending on the content at hand, you can add individuals or entire companies. Further control can be achieved through the space permissions - grant read-only, edit, or manage access on a per-user or per-company basis.

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Now that you have completed the introduction to Teamwork Spaces for administrators, you can easily take the following actions on your site:
Exploring your site
✓  Take the onboarding tour
Navigating your profile
✓  Use the navigation options in your profile menu
Customizing your profile
✓  Upload a profile photo
✓  Fill out your personal details
Inviting your team to your site
✓  Add a new user to your site
✓  Manage users synced from Teamwork
Creating spaces and pages
✓  Create a new space via the Home area
✓  Explore the space
✓  Create a page within the space
✓  Managing space member permissions