Within Teamwork Spaces, you can view and manage your users via the site level People area.

Note: The People area is only accessible to owner company site administrators.

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The People section is divided into two sections for People and Companies.


In the People section, you will see a list of the users on your site. Details include: 

  • User avatar
  • Name
  • Company
  • Email address 
  • Activation toggle
  • Any site administrators will have an administrator key icon beside their name.

In the top right, you can add a new user, filter the existing users by name, and switch between grid and list view.

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Each user has an Account active toggle you can use to enable/disable their access to the site.

Note: Active users count towards your user limit in your paid subscription.

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You can delete a user via the options button (three dots) above the user's avatar.

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Note: Deleting a user from Teamwork Spaces will delete them as a user from all Teamwork products they are a member of, associated with that installation.


In the Companies tab, you can view a list of the companies imported from your Teamwork site.

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In the top right, you can filter the list by company name. Selecting Manage companies will bring you to your Teamwork site to update and edit the companies listed. 

For more information, see: Adding a New User to Your Site