Within Teamwork Spaces, you can create new spaces for different categories of content.

In the Home area of your site, you will see a Create a space option at the end of your list of existing spaces.

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Alternatively, use the quick add + menu in the top right of your site and select Create a space.

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In the Add Space modal, you can give the new space a title and select a color theme and icon.

You can create a private space by toggling the Private Space option on. A private space can only be accessed by the creator, and site administrators. 

When you click Advanced, you can also update the slug for the Space. 

Click Add at the bottom of the modal to create your new space.

You can grant other members access at any time via the spaces's Members area. 

Note: When a user creates a space, all members of that users company will be given edit access to the space by default. 

For more information, see: Adding a Page