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Within Teamwork.com, you can utilize the Workload Planner to manage user capacity and tasks.

To access the Workload Planner, select the More option from the main navigation menu on the left of your site and choose Planning from the pop-out menu.

Note: Client users and collaborators cannot access the Workload Planner.

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The Workload Planner allows you to manage users' tasks and overall workload on a short term, day-to-day basis, allowing for a more granular view of each person's capacity. 

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An individual's capacity is based on their working hours set in their profile settings versus the total estimated time on their tasks (minus any unavailable time assigned to them) in the selected time frame.

  • Tasks will only appear in the Workload Planner if they end dates set and their dates fall within the selected date range. 
    • Tasks with only a due date set will appear as 1 day tasks on the tasks due date. 
  • Tasks will only appear in the Planner if they have estimated time set.
  • Only tasks assigned to individual users will appear in the Planner. Tasks assigned to teams or companies will not be shown.
  • A user is considered over capacity when their capacity exceeds their working hours. The capacity bar will also turn red.
  • Only tasks and projects you have access to and permission to view will be displayed. 
  • Only users with permission to create tasks can add task in the Workload Planner. 
  • Collaborators do not have access to the Workload Planner. 


Estimated time will be equally divided over the amount of days the tasks is due to take. 

For example, if a task has a duration of 4 days and estimated time of 8 hours, the Workload Planner will display 2 hours per day dedicated to that task. 

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks will be included in the Workload Planner and capacity calculations. For any task that has a repeat set, a placeholder task will be visible with a repeat icon to clearly differentiate it as placeholder task that will exist in the future. 

Placeholder tasks are not visible in the task list view. A task needs to be created to be visible in the task list view.

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Hovering over a repeat task will allow you to create the next repeat task instantly. Click Create Task to create the next available task in the sequence. The task will be created and visible on the associated project.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.