Within Teamwork, you can use the Workload Planner to view and manage each user's capacity.

This article relates to a recent enhancement to the Workload Planner feature and is available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

The legacy version of the Workload Planner will be retired on August 26th, 2022.

Select the More option from the main navigation menu on the left of your site and choose Planning from the pop-out menu. In the Planning area, go to the Workload tab.

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You can manage each user's tasks and capacity by expanding the user's workload via the chevron icon to the left of their name. 

From the Workload, you can also add new tasks, unplanned tasks, and manage unavailable time.

Drag and drop

The Workload Planner timeline allows you to manage users' tasks via drag and drop. 

  • To adjust the duration of a task, hover over the left or right side of the entry and drag it to a new position to increase or decrease the number of days on which it falls.
  • To adjust which days a task falls on for the associated user, click and drag the entry to a new position. You can also use drag and drop to reassign a task to another user by dropping the task to a different user's row.

Splitting capacity 

Using custom capacity splitting, you can customize the breakdown of estimated time for a task across multiple days.

The Split Capacity option will appear when hovering over an existing task allocation. Click Split Capacity to edit the allocation.

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You will be able to edit the time fields to reflect how much time should be spent on the task on each day. Click Done to update the capacity. 

Note: If too much or too little time is added in comparison with the overall estimated time, this will be highlighted in red.  

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Splitting capacity across multiple users

If a task is assigned to multiple users, it is possible to split the capacity so that the time is custom distributed between the users. By default, the estimated time will be distributed evenly across all assignees.

When hovering over the task allocation for one of the assignees, click Split Capacity. You will then be able to manually edit the capacity field for that individual user. Click Done to update the capacity. 

Note: The capacity review pop-up will show all of the users currently assigned to this task, however editing the split field will only apply to the user whose allocation you are currently editing.

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If too much or too little time is set in comparison with the other assignees' splits versus the overall task estimated time, this will be shown in red.

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For more information, see: Using the Workload Planner