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Within Teamwork.com, you can create tasks and add unavailable time to the Workload Planner to instantly view and manage the impact on a user's capacity. 

Select the More option from the main navigation menu on the left of your site and choose Planning from the pop-out menu. In the Planning area, go to the Workload tab.

Note: Client users and collaborators cannot access the Workload Planner.

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Adding a task 

To create a new task for a specific user, click the chevron to the left of the user's name to expand their projects and unavailable time list.

Note: The projects available to add tasks to are dependent on the time frame selected. It is only possible to add new tasks to a project where the user currently has tasks assigned within the selected time period. 

In the relevant project row, hover over the cell for the date the task should fall on and click the plus icon to add the task. 

  • If the cell already has tasks falling on the associated day, hover in the blank part of the cell outside the existing task entries.

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A multi-step task creation process will open. You will first need to select a task list from the dropdown. 

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Additional task options will then be displayed where you can enter a task name and the estimated time it will take to complete the task. 

Click Create to add the task for the associated user on the project. 

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Deleting a task 

To delete a task, click the task entry in the timeline to open the task details view. 

Select the options button (three dots) in the top right and choose Delete Task from the dropdown. 

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Adding unavailable time 

To add unavailable time for a specific user, click the chevron to the left of the user's name to expand their projects and unavailable time list. 

In the Unavailable Time row, hover over the cell for date the unavailable time should fall and click the plus icon to add unavailable time.

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From the Unavailable Time modal, you can adjust the assignee, start and due date, and total unavailable hours by clicking the relevant field.

By default, the duration will be set to all day and is based on the associated user's set working hours. To adjust the duration, uncheck the All day option and click the hour total to change the amount. 

You can also set an allocation type of meeting, public holiday, paid time off, sick leave, training, or other, for the unavailable time. An optional description field is also included at the bottom of the modal.

You can assign unavailable time to multiple users at once from the Unavailable Time modal. Click the assignee field to display a dropdown menu of individual users. Select the checkbox next to each user you wish to assign unavailable time to.

Click Save to add the unavailable time for the user on the given day(s).

Editing and deleting unavailable time

To edit or delete an unavailable time entry, click the specific entry in the timeline to open the entry in edit mode.

Note: Site administrators can edit and delete all unavailable time entries. Standard users can only edit and delete unavailable time entries they create.

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In the Unavailable Time pop-up, you can update the assignee, dates, duration, type, and description. Click Save to update the entry.

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To delete the unavailable time allocation, click the trash can icon in the top right of the allocation window. The unavailable time will immediately be removed from the timeline and an option to undo will appear temporarily in the bottom right of the page.

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For more information, see: Workload Planner Overview
1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.