Within Teamwork, you can quickly add new tasks and subtasks from any area of your site via the quick add menu.

The quick add menu (icon) is located in the top right of your site beside the search field. You can also use our keyboard shortcuts by pressing q on your keyboard to bring up the menu, then pressing t

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When adding tasks from the quick add modal, you will need to select which project and task list to add the task(s) to at the top of the modal.

You can then add your task(s) and task details, with one task per line.

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The Assigned To dropdown allows you to quickly assign all of the tasks you are creating to the same user(s). You can also quickly set privacy for the tasks using the Who can see these tasks dropdown.

Adding task details

You can use shortcodes to set the details of the task from here, these are the same as the commands you can use when you create a task via email, such as:


  • ! = Low Priority
  • !! = Medium Priority
  • !!! = High Priority


  • @mention

Due date:

  • [22/03/2019] (use the date format that you have set in your profile localisation options)
  • [today]
  • [next week]
  • [friday]

Start date (by including two dates, the first will be set as the start date and the second will be the due date):

  • [today] [next monday] - This task will start today and is due next week
  • [16/12/2019][22/12/2019] - Start on Dec 16th and will be due Dec 22nd. 

Estimated time:

  • [40m]
  • [1h]
  • [1h 10m]
  • [.5]


  • #tag1
  • #tag1 #tag2 #tag3


  • {task description}

Posting to different task lists

When using the quick add tasks modal, you can use short codes to specify different task lists for each task you are creating.

Any tasks you add that do not specify a task list will be added to the task list selected in the task list dropdown.

To specify a task list, there are two short code options you can use:

  • (Task List Name) e.g. (Back to the Future)
  • [#Task List Name] e.g. [#Back to the Future]
Note: The name used in the shortcode needs to match exactly to an existing task list on the project. If a match isn't found, the task will be added to the preselected task list in the dropdown.

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Adding subtasks

When adding tasks using the quick add modal, you can add subtasks to the parent tasks you are creating.

  • Subtasks: - subtask name or #subtask
    • Sub subtask: -- sub subtask name or ##sub subtask name
  • Keep adding - or # for another level deep of subtasks

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Once created, you will see the tasks in the selected task list with the subtasks and sub subtasks nested beneath the parent tasks.

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Adding tasks from highlighted text

You can also create tasks from text you have highlighted within a project, such as a comment, or part of a notebook.

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Once the text is selected, you can create a task using keyboard shortcuts, by pressing q and t on your keyboard.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts for quick add are not supported in edit mode on an item.

You can also click the quick add + in the top right of your site, and select Task. It will then use the text as the names for new tasks.

If you highlight text over multiple separate lines, it will take each line as an individual task.

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For more information, see: Using the Quick Add Menu