Within Teamwork Projects, the Notebooks section of the Everything tab will show you all notebooks across all of your projects on your site.

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The options for each notebook are:

  • Edit notebook: this allows you to edit the main contents of the notebook.
  • Edit details: you can edit the title and description of your notebook, and change who is notified of changes, the category and privacy options.
  • Delete: if you delete the notebook, it will be available for 30 days to be restored from the project trash can.
  • Add tag: choose from existing tags, or add a new one.
  • Quick view: see the notebook in an overlay without having to leave the screen.

Sort options

The sort options allow you to choose the order in which the notebooks are shown.

  • Date: Selecting the date options sorts the notebooks in the order that they were created, choose between ascending or descending.
  • Category: Choose to sort the notebooks by the category they are added to, there is the option here to choose between ascending or descending.
  • Name: Choose to sort the by name, this changes the list to an alphabetical listing, there is the option here to choose between ascending or descending.

Filter options

Selecting the filter icon in the upper right allows you to find specific items:

  • Project: select the checkboxes to show notebooks from one or more particular projects.
  • Text: entering text in the type your filter option allows you to return only the items that match the text you have entered.
  • Person: Select the person option to return notebooks created by that person.
  • Tag: Select the tag you wish to view, once the tag or tags are selected only the notebooks that have those tags associated will be listed.


Choose to view the notebooks in the following ways:

  • List: lists the notebooks, separated by project and sorted based on the option selected. 
  • Expanded: uses larger icons with fewer details than the list view
  • Grid: changes the view to grid format. Separates the notebooks into groups by the sort option selected.
For more information see: Everything section - All options