Within Teamwork Projects, you can enable comments for each of your projects.

To enable this, select the project you want to enable it on and then choose the Settings tab.

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Note: Only site or project administrators will have the option to enable comments.

In the Settings area, you will see a section for Project Features. Here, you will have an option to toggle comments on or off.

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Once enabled, a Comments tab will be added to the navigation menu for the project.

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Within Comments, you can view all comments on a project and where the comment was left such as:

  • Task
  • Milestone
  • File
  • Notebook
  • Link
You can filter these comment in a similar way to other areas of a project. The filter options available are:

Comment type

Filter based on where the comment was created.

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Date when the comment was made.

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Who was notified on the comment.

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Who created the comment.

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Whether the comment is read or unread.

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For more information, see: Commenting on items