Within Teamwork.com, you can use email commands for different actions when replying to comment notifications via email.

You can reply to an email notification with commands for specific actions:

  • #like - this adds a Like on the comment you're replying to and posts your text as a new comment.
  • #unfollow - you'll be removed as a follower from that item. 

If you are replying to a comment on a task or a milestone, there are further commands you can add to your reply which will affect the task or milestone:

  • To complete a task or milestone, use one of the following:
    • #Complete
    • #Completed
    • #Done
  • To reopen a completed task or milestone, use one of the following:
    • #Uncomplete
    • #Reopen
    • #Open
    • #Notdone
    • #Reopened
  • Add tags by using #tag1 #tag2
  • Assign or reassign using  #reassign @user or #assign @user (this works with multiple users)
  • Log time (on a task or project):
    • Send [time] as part of the reply, for example:
      • [1h]
      • [1m]
      • [1h 25m]
      • [1.5]
      • [1:30]
  • Add any text in {} for a time log description e.g: {This is the description for the time log}. This is an optional extra.
  • If notification email relates to a task, then the time is logged against that task.
  • If notification email does not relate to a task, the time is logged against the project.

  • including #end on a new line in a reply prevents your email signature from being included in your comment added to the thread.
    • Even without #end, if your signature has images, Teamwork.com will remove the images once our system can see that they are used repeatedly.
  • You can also use any of the commands mentioned above in the body of a comment when you are commenting through the editor directly in the browser.