Within Teamwork, you can use the project switcher to quickly move between your projects.

You will find the project switcher (folder icon) in the top right of your screen.

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In the Switch Project menu, you can search for a project if you know the name, or you can use one of the three tabs to help you find the project you're looking for easily.

Latest projects

Here you will see a list of up to 5 projects that you have accessed most recently. The most recently edited project will be at the top.

You will see a note of how recently it was worked on under the name, beside the owner company of the project.

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Starred projects

This tab contains a list of links to all of the projects you have starred (you can do this by clicking the star next to the project name in the top left of the screen from within the project, or in the projects list area).

The projects are in alphabetical order by name, and will show the associated company below the name. You can star the projects that you use most often so they are easily accessible from here.

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All projects

This tab will contain a list of links to all of your projects in alphabetical order.

It will show whether they are Starred or not, to the left of the name, and the associated company is displayed below the project name.

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Clicking on an individual project name will bring you to directly to landing page for that project.

Within the Latest tab, you can also use the dropdown menu to the right of the project name to go directly to a specific project section (tasks/milestones/messages, etc.).

For more information, see: Teamwork Navigation Bar