Within Teamwork, you can use the navigation bar at the top of your site to move between the various areas of your site.

⚠️ This article relates to the navigation experience in Classic Teamwork,
which is being retired shortly.

Make the switch to the new Teamwork. It only takes a few seconds, and we recommend doing so ASAP to give yourself plenty of time to get used to it!

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The first option to the left is the Home area. The Home area includes your project information, your work, activity, and dashboards along with other options. 

You will only see information for any of the above on projects you have the permissions to view. 


This area will list all the projects on your site based on their current status. You can also access project templates here depending on your price plan. 


The planning area includes Portfolio (price plan dependent), Chart and Workload. 


The Everything area allows you to view all items within projects on your site.


You can view upcoming tasks, milestones and events from within the Calendar view.

Adding a new event can be performed to the top right of the page along with filtering calendar events.


The people area has multiple subsections to view:


When you click the search icon in the top right of your site, the corresponding dropdown that opens will list your most recently interacted with project items.

You can use the quick search field to enter a search term. The quick search dropdown will update to show results of matching project items edited within the last 60 days.

If you enter a search term and press Return on your keyboard, you will be brought to the advanced search area which can show results from any time frame across all projects.

  • You can also click the Advanced Search option at the bottom of the quick search dropdown to access this area.
  • These results will be broken into project items such as people, tasks, milestones, comments etc.

Quick add (+)

This will allow you to add the following project items quickly:

Project switcher

The project switcher allows you to quickly switch to another project on your site. 

You can view the latest projects created or a list of all. There is also a search option to narrow down which projects are showing.

Notification bell

The notification bell includes any messages & comments you have received or any activity that has taken place on items on your projects. A red badge icon will appear on the notification bell indicating the number of unread updates. 

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Product switcher

The product switcher allows you to manage your Teamwork apps, as well as quickly move to your associated accounts with other Teamwork products.

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Profile menu

When you click your profile image to the far right of the navigation bar, you can access additional options:

  • View profileThis will allow you to view your own profile with further information on tasks, milestones and activity related to you only.
  • Edit my details - This will bring up a modal with various tabs allowing you to change areas of your profile such as your name, address, contact details and preferences along with further options.
  • Update status - This will bring up a modal which allows you to enter a status which your team can view. You can choose to notify your team of the status change via email if you choose to.
  • What's new? - This will show any recent changes to Teamwork. A red notification will show if a new item has been added.
  • My tasks - This will bring you to a list of all tasks assigned to you. This area can also be found when viewing your profile.
  • Settings - Will allow you to change settings on various areas of your site.
  • My shortcuts - This will allow you to view all shortcuts you have created in one place. You can search and filter existing shortcuts or create new ones from this area.
  • Help - The help section provides links to three areas:
    • Teamwork help docs site
    • Support center - includes FAQs, webinar links, videos, newsletter information, and a feedback submission option.
    • Discover add-ons
    • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Log out

Note: Some of the above options may only appear if you are a site administrator.

For more information, see: Getting Started