Within Teamwork Projects, any site administrator can access the Settings area of your site to update general site settings such as site name and site address.

To access your general site settings, click your avatar in the top right corner of your site, and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Note: Only site administrators in the owner company have access to the site settings.

In the Settings area, go to the General tab.

The option available within the general area include:

Site Name: The site name is the name that will display on the dashboard and on the page title on the login page.

Site Address: The URL for your site. Here you can choose to update your site address, domain, and add a custom domain.

  • Teamwork Projects site address: Choose your site address; the name that will be shown here is the name you selected when you initially set up the site. To change this, enter the text in the field and save your changes.  If this is not available, you will receive a message prompting you to contact our support team; we will see if we can make this available.
  • Custom Domain: You can set a custom domain for your site: Simply create a CName record and point it to your teamwork.com site (eg. yourcompany.teamwork.com ). (You usually do this with the company you registered your domain name with eg.GoDaddy.com)

Verify the CName record is working. Once you have created the CName record and you have verified it is now pointing to your site (eg. Browse to your custom domain in a browser and you should see a Teamwork message).

Update your site settings. Keep in mind that CNAME changes with your domain provider can take up to 24 hours to propagate fully.

Log in to your Teamwork Projects account, click your profile icon to the top right and choose settings, select general, click edit under the site address, and then click on the custom domain button.

  • Note:
    • SSL is not available on custom domain names.
    • Do not use a DNS A record for your custom domain. The DNS record you need to create is a CName record.
    • Custom Domain Names are only available on the following plans.
      • Business 2 / Small Office
      • Corporate
      • Enterprise / Professional

Show Site Name on Login page: Choose whether to display the site name on the login screen for your account.

Dashboard Message: The Dashboard message is a message that will show to all people who login to your installation. To edit this, select the Edit option.

Be aware that this message will be visible to all people from all companies.

The only users who will not see this are the people who have access to only one project or to no projects.

Dashboard Project List: By default, only projects modified in the last 30 days are listed, there is the option to show all projects or show latest projects.

Real Time Notifications: This controls the notification centre in the top right of your installation. As changes are made by others on the projects, you are included in the recipients list of a notification will be sent to this section.

Strong passwords: Enable strong passwords for your site. If this is enabled, we will ensure that all passwords are at least eight characters in length and contain two numbers.

RSS Feeds Enabled: Choose whether to have RSS feeds enabled or not for your site. RSS feeds are available from the bottom of the dashboard and the bottom of the overview page within the project.

Use Markdown: Allow the option for people to use Markdown. Turn this off to allow people to use only plain text.

Can Share Files: If you want shareable files to be enabled at project level, you need to have this option enabled.

Can Preview Files: Lets users preview certain types of files via Google Document Viewer or Office 365 Document Viewer without having to download them first. Available files include text files, Office files, PDF files, Photoshop files, Pages files, TIFF, SVG and Autocad files under 25MB in size.

Can Upload Files Directly: Allow users on your site to upload files directly to your projects. When disabled, users will no longer see the Upload Files button on projects, but can still have access to third-party storage integrations connected to the project.

Allow 'Likes': Choose the option to allow or not allow likes within your Teamwork projects.

Allow 'tags': Choose whether or not to allow tags to be added to items on the installation

Lock editing of tags to Administrators: Choose who can create or edit tags. If this is enabled, only site administrators from the owner company can edit tags. Users will be able to add tags to items.

Notebooks: Clean pasted HTML: Choose whether or not to have pasted HTML cleaned by default so that only plain text is copied or not. If disabled, we will allow HTML be pasted to a notebook.  

Notebooks: Newline Mode: When newline is enabled, you will, on pressing return, create a new line. If disabled, hitting return will create a new paragraph.

Project Administrators can create users: By default, when a user has the permissions to add projects and they add a project they will, by default, be added as a project admin. As a part of this permission, they will be able to add people to the project. If this option is enabled, they will also be able to create new users and add them to that project. If disabled, they will only be able to add existing users to the project.

Automatically bill for new user accounts: This settings allows users with the correct permission to add new users to your site, beyond your current subscription user limit. When enabled, any new users added to your site above your current user limit will be billed for automatically.

Project health labels: When adding project updates to your projects, you can also set a project health to show if the project is on track or needs attention. You can customize the labels used.

Automatic log out: When enabled you can set an amount of time for inactivity before a user is automatically logged out
  • If enabled, the Remember Me option won't be available
  • This is only available on certain subscription plans.
Allow 'Remember Me': If enabled we will show an option for Remember Me on the login screen.

Referral Program: By Referring Teamwork to others, you can earn a reward. Selecting the link provided here will bring you to the referral page for your installation. Here, you will find your referral link and other items such as Banners you can add to your site and the latest 500 ratings.

Allow CORS - Cross-Origin Resource Sharing: When enabled, Teamwork Projects will allow JavaScript and Flash code on other websites to communicate with your site's API.

Allow Teamwork Projects brand: If this option is disabled, we will hide the Teamwork Projects logo from your login page. We will also remove the options in the lower section of each page such as Help, Feedback, and Support and refer Teamwork.

Note: The site owner will always see branding even when branding is disabled.

For more information, see: Adding a site administrator