Within Teamwork.com, you can change the address of your site in your site settings.

When you initially set up your site, your site URL will usually take the format: 

  • yourcompany.teamwork.com
Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and choose Settings from the pop-out menu.

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In the settings area, go to the General subsection where you will see a section for Site Address. Click the Edit button under the current site address.

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You have the option to update the current teamwork.com site address or add a custom domain.

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Note: If you see a message that the URL is currently unavailable when you try to change it, that means it's in use for another site. If the site is no longer active or if you are the owner of the site using the address, you can get in touch with support@teamwork.com and we will help you update it.

Any old links within emails will redirect to the new URL. 

Removing a custom domain

If your Teamwork.com site is currently using a custom site address (custom domain), you can remove it and revert back to the default yourcompany.teamwork.com URL format.

In the custom domain section of your site settings, click Edit beside your current URL.

In the site address modal, select the Teamwork.com site address tab. You can also edit the initial part of your Teamwork.com URL here. Click Save Changes to update your site URL.

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Your custom site address domain will no longer be active once you save your changes. The manager of your DNS records should also delete the record for this domain.

For more information, see: Using a Custom Domain Name for Your Site