Within Teamwork.com, you can use the Quick add menu to add new items from anywhere in your site.

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Click ... More to expand the menu and reveal the remaining items.

You can select the relevant option from the dropdown menu or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut (noted beside each supported item)

  • When the Quick add menu is already open, press the relevant letter on your keyboard to open the corresponding creation window.
  • If the Quick add menu is not open, press q on your keyboard to open it then press the relevant shortcut letter.

Site-wide quick add options

When accessing the Quick add menu in site level areas, you can perform site wide actions such as adding a new project or event and inviting new users to the site. The options relating to project items (tasks, time, milestones etc.) prompt you to select a specific project when creating the item.

Options include:

Project-level quick add options

The Quick add menu provides different options when accessed while viewing a project versus when using it in other areas of your site.

Note: Access to each item in the Quick add menu depends on your corresponding project and profile permissions.

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The following site level actions remain the same (permission dependent):

The create modal for the options relating to project items will default to having the currently viewed project selected.

Note: The project options available to you depend on your project permissions.

Additional options at project level:

  • People - add people to the project.
    • Note: Only site administrators and project administrators can manage project members.
  • Update - add a project update.

For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project