Within Teamwork Projects, you can view a list of all of your completed projects in the Projects area of your site.

Go to the Projects area near the top left of your site.

From the Projects list view, select the Completed tab.

Format the view to your preference

You can sort the list of projects by one of six options, such as project name or due date.

You can use the arrow to the right of the sort by dropdown to switch between ascending and descending order. You can also display the results in list or grid view.

In the project list, you can also add new projects, as well as:

  • Generate an activity report
  • Export the project list to PDF, Excel or CSV
  • View the project trash can

Filter options

You can filter which projects display by using the advanced filters pane on the right hand side by:

  • Keyword
  • Tags
  • Company
If you only want to display starred projects, you can check the 'Show starred projects only' option at the bottom of the filters.

Once a project is completed, you can set it to archived and it will not count toward the active project limit on your subscription plan.

Note: While completed projects can be edited after completion, archived projects must be set active again to make any changes.

For more information, see: Completing a project