Within Teamwork.com, you can update general, integration and notification settings for your project in the project settings area.

Note: Only project administrators and site administrators can access a project's settings.

Select the Settings tab from the project's main navigation menu and go to the General subsection.

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In the General subsection, you can update:

  • General settings
  • Project announcement
  • Project logo
  • Project features

Note: Depending on your price plan, project specific tags can also be managed within the project settings. 

General Settings

Under General Settings, you can update project information and default preferences. These settings affect all project members.

Hover over an individual setting and click the edit pencil to update it.

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These settings include:

  • Project name: Add or edit the project name here, this is what you'll see whenever the project is mentioned anywhere in your site.
  • Description: Add or edit the project description here, this will show on the left of the Dashboard area, under the project logo.
  • Project Owner: Add or edit the project's owner (point of contact)
  • Company: Associate each project with a company for filtering or sorting in other areas.
  • Category: Choose a category for your project, for filtering or sorting in other areas.
  • Start Page: Usually, when you follow the link to a project it will show the List tab by default. You can choose any available section of the project that you would prefer to show instead, such as Board, Gantt, or Messages.  
  • Default Dashboard Page: Choose whether to show the Summary or Activity tab by default when you visit the Dashboard tab. You can also set it to Default View which will remember the last selected view.
  • Contact Info: By default, the contact details of people on the project that are shown on the Dashboard area are visible to everyone on the project. You can use this setting to prevent anyone except members of your owner company from seeing those details.
  • Reply by Email: If you disable this option, people won't be able to reply to emails to interact with tasks, reply to messages or add comments.
  • Default Privacy: This setting can be changed from 'Open' to 'Owner Company' to set the default privacy for all new items added to the project (this applies to items other than tasks, such as files, notebooks or messages).
  • Status: You can change the status of your project to 'Archived' using this switch.
  • Direct File Uploading: Allow users to upload files directly to the project, or only from third party file integrations.

Depending on your integration settings, you can also create a project channel in Teamwork Chat or link the project to a space in Teamwork Spaces.

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Project announcement

In the project announcement section, you can enable/disable the announcement as well as add a custom message. Hover over either field to reveal the edit pencil.

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When the project announcement is enabled, the message will be displayed at the top of the project's Dashboard tab.

Project logo

In the project logo section, you can upload a new logo for your project. Once you have added a project logo, you will see it in the column on the left of the project's Dashboard area.

You can update or remove the project logo anytime selecting the Upload a Logo option and clicking Remove.

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When a project does not have a logo set, it will inherit the associated company logo instead.

Project features

In the project features section, you can choose which features you want to be accessible for the project by toggling them on or off.

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Once a feature is disabled in the project settings, it is removed for all users on the project. The tab for that feature will no longer be visible in the project's navigation menu.

Project budget

In the project budget section, you can set a time or fee based budget for your project.

Note: Project budgets are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans and above. Financial budgets are limited to 30 active budgets per Teamwork.com site.

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You can set the budget usage to be based on:

  • Billable time
  • Non-billable time
  • All time (billable and non-billable time logged)

The project budget option will only be visible if the Time feature is enabled for the project.