Within Teamwork, you can add budget expenses to a project's budget, allowing you to account for any additional individual costs that maybe required beyond logged time. 

Note: The budget expenses feature is available on per-user Grow/Premium subscriptions and above.

Site administrators, project administrators, and users with permission to manage project budget can create budget expenses.

Expenses added to a financial budget will be taken into account when calculating the project's budget usage progress. For example:

Billable time cost of $500 + budget expenses of $100 = $600 of project budget used.

Time budgets do not count budget expenses towards the project's budget usage.

Note: Expenses added to the Billing area of your project do not relate to budget expenses and work independently of project budgets.

Viewing budget expenses

Go to the Finance tab of your project and select the Budgets subsection.

The Budget expenses section will display each existing expense in an individual row, listed in the order in which they were added to the project. 

For each expense, you will see the associated cost, details, and creator.

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A running total of the existing expenses will be displayed at the bottom of the Cost column. 

Additional options in the Budget expenses section include:

  • Search - search for existing expenses based on associated cost amount or details.
  • Filter - filter the list of expenses based on creator (user) or associated tag(s).
  • Export - export the expenses in PDF or Excel format.
    • Note: When exporting budget expenses, any filters in place at the time of the export will be applied to the export. 

Adding an expense

To add a new expense, click the Add expense button in the top right of the Budget expenses section. 

Note: Standard users with permission to manage the project's budget can create budget expenses.

The add budget expense modal will allow you to enter a total cost amount and description. 

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Click Save to add the expense. 

Editing an expense  

To edit an expense, hover over an existing expense in the list to reveal the Edit option. 

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You will then be able to edit both the cost and description via the inline editing fields. 

Note: A budget expense can be edited by the creator, project administrator, or site admin. 

Deleting an expense

To delete an expense, hover over an existing expense and click the trashcan icon at the end of the line entry. 

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For more information, see: Working with the Budgets Area of a Project