Within Teamwork, conflicts with existing budgets may arise when attempting to create new budgets on a project.

While projects can have multiple budgets, the dates of the budgets cannot overlap - only one budget can be active at a time.

Considerations when creating budgets

New budgets should be created with existing, repeat and upcoming budget dates in mind:

  • If the new budget's start date is in the future, the budget will be created as an upcoming budget.
    • If the project already has upcoming budgets set, it is not possible to create a new open-ended budget or a repeat budget as this will cause a date conflict.
  • If the new budget's start date overlaps with an upcoming or existing budget, you will be asked to adjust the end date of the new budget.
    • The dates of existing open-ended or repeating (active) budgets are taken into account and can cause a date conflict. 

Resolving a budget conflict

Budget conflicts arise when the start/end dates of the budget you are trying to create coincide with the dates of an existing active or upcoming budget (including repeating budgets and budgets with no end date).

An error message will be displayed in the bottom right when a conflict has been found and you will be asked to adjust the dates of the new budget.

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Where a conflict has arisen due to an open ended budget, a pop-up modal will display requesting you to assign an end date to the conflicting budget. 

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To resolve conflict issues you will need to do one of the following (where relevant):

  • Adjust the start/end dates of your budgets so they no longer overlap
  • End or delete the repeating budget
    • Note: Repeat budgets cannot be edited once set. Therefore, the budget must be deleted and recreated with nonconflicting dates.
  • Delete the existing upcoming budget
  • Set an end date for the open-ended budget that is before the start date of the budget you are creating.
    • You can also end an active open-ended budget which will require you to set an end date for it.

For more information, see: Managing Project Budgets