Within Teamwork.com, all files uploaded to your Teamwork.com site are stored securely on Amazon S3 storage.

When you upload/access a file through Teamwork.com, you will notice that when you go to the file details page it has a link similar to "https://yourcompany.teamwork.com/#files/2827928".

  • If you share this URL, it will only be accessible to anyone who has a login for your site and has permissions to view the file.
If you click to view the file directly in your browser, you might notice a URL that starts with "s3.amazonaws.com". This URL contains a time-limited access code, so it will be accessible to people who don't have a login to your site for 15 minutes only.

  • If you share it with someone who has access to the file within the project, while they are logged in they will be able to use it even after the 15 minute expiry. It's best to use the other type of link to share files with other people in your site.
If you would like to share a file in your project with someone who doesn't have a login, click the options (down arrow) button to the right of the file, and select Share from the dropdown menu.

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This will give you a URL that you can send to anyone and when they use it, they will be able to download a copy of the file.

Note: The external sharing option can be enabled or disabled in the site settings under the General section.

For more information, see: Sharing Project Files