Within Teamwork Projects you can filter projects that are showing within the chart view.

Note: Only projects with start and end dates will show on this chart regardless of filters applied.

You can choose the date range for which projects show on the chart to the left of the page above the chart.

To access further filtering options you can select the filter icon to the top right of the page.

Once this is selected the filtering options will appear in the right pane.


You can use this to filter your results down to the search term entered.


You can choose to filter projects by the tags associated with them. You can apply more than one tag when filtering results.

Note: You can filter any results that include one or more matching tags. Alternatively, you can select the Match all tags option which will then only return results which include all selected tags.


As with tags you can filter results by company. You can also choose more than one company to apply to the filter.

Project Owner

You can filter the projects in the portfolio to projects with specific project owners.

You can also filter to only projects with no project owner set.

Project Health

You can choose to display projects based on the health of the project(s).


Choosing a category filter will only show projects that have been placed within that particular category on your site.

You can choose to show only those projects with completed, upcoming or late milestones or apply any combination of these.


If you choose to tick the option to show starred projects only, then the only projects that will be filtered are ones that you have 'starred' by clicking on the star icon to the left of the project name.

As an owner company administrator, you will have additional filtering options. These include: 

  • Hide projects where I'm an observer - hides projects you are an observer on. 
  • Show only projects where I'm a member - will show only projects you are specifically a member of and included on the people page of a project. 


Choose which milestones, if any, to include in the projects chart - completed, upcoming or late milestones.

Save Filter

You can choose to save any filter you have created for use at a later time. This will then appear within the Saved Filters section of filter right pane.

You can also change quickly between saved filters by clicking on the filter name to the top of the page.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information, see: Filtering