Within Teamwork, you can add new users to your project to help you progress and collaborate on it.

You can see the current people who are on a project within the project's People tab.

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To add new users, click the Add People button in the top right to add more people.

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You will then be given the option to select from existing site users listed in the modal, or add new people.

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You can click the users' profile icons to select/deselect them individually. Alternatively, use the Select All/Select None options at the bottom to bulk select/deselect. When you select someone, you will see a green tick icon to the top left of their profile image.

Once you are happy with your selection, you can use the green button to add the people you've selected to the project.

Adding new users

You can use the + Add button at the top to add a new user, or select Invite New Users to add multiple people at once.

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A new window will open with the option to add all of their new user details.

Once you have entered their details, you can then choose to add the user. You can then choose which other projects you would like to add them to, if any.

You can also use quick add keyboard shortcuts to invite a new user, by pressing q and u

Adding from the project overview

You can add users to a project from the Overview section of a project by clicking the options button (three dots) to the upper-right, and choosing Add User from the menu.

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You can then add people in the same manner as above.

Note: Only site administrators and project administrators are able to add people to a project. 

For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project