Within Teamwork Projects, you can make a copy of an existing project on your site and customize which project items to include.

In the top right corner of the project's Overview tab, click the options (three dots) button, and select Copy from the dropdown menu.

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You can also find the copy option whenever you see the dropdown menu to the left of the project's name.

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When you choose Copy, you will see all of the options available.

If you have set up a link to other sites in your profile and you are a site administrator on both, you can choose to copy the project to that site as well as making a copy in the current site. 

Note: The option to move a project will only be shown if your site has been linked to another Teamwork Projects site.

Choose items

In the choose items tab, you can add a name for the copy of the project, and choose which content to copy by selecting the checkboxes next to each content type.

Note: The copy project modal retains your choose items preferences from the previous time a project was copied.

You will see the total number of items in the original project next to each one.

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In the options tab, you can choose how the dates from the original project will be set up in the new copy.

If your original project has a start date, that will be taken as day 0, otherwise the date that the project was created will be used.

The new dates can be calculated with the following options:

  • Shift all tasks and milestones by the same number of days 
  • Don't include Saturdays and Sundays when calculating new dates
  • Calculate new due dates but keep tasks and milestones off weekends
You can use the date preview option to see the effect of any settings chosen here, before making the copy.

The other options allow you to control whether other elements from the original project are copied, including activity updates, task and milestone creator, comments, follower, project roles and project updates.

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Completed tasks can be copied with their completed status, or marked as active again.


In the company tab, you can choose to associate the copy of the project to a different company than the original project.

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Excluding weekends

When copying a project, you can choose to exclude weekends by selecting Calculate new dates but keep tasks and milestones off weekends in the Options tab of the copy modal.

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By clicking  Preview Dates, you can see the number of days any affected dates will move forward based on your choice to avoid dates landing on a weekend day (denoted in red).

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As an example, task A starts on Day 1 and is due on day 13. Add the task on a Monday (day 1).

  • Include weekends:
    • Calendar: Mon | Tue | Weds | Thurs | Fri | Sat | Sun | Mon etc.
    • Result: Start Monday (day 1), due Saturday (day 13)
  • Don't include Saturdays and Sundays (they are not included in the number of day count):
    • Calendar: Mon | Tue | Weds | Thurs | Fri | Mon etc.
    • Result: Start Monday (day1), due Wednesday (day 17)
      • Saturday and Sunday have not been included in this calendar count.

Using projects as templates

You can set up some projects that you would like to use as templates for future projects. You can then utilize the copy project feature, creating new projects as a copy of those templates, rather than new blank projects.

Here are some tips on setting up project templates:

  • Create a project category to keep them all together and not listed along with your other projects
  • Archive the template project, so that:
    • It doesn't count towards the active project limit for your subscription
    • It cannot be edited without re-activating, preventing changes by mistake
    • Tasks and milestones won't be shown in any reports

For more information, see: Moving or Copying Projects Between Sites