Within Teamwork Projects, you can move or copy projects between your different sites.

First, make sure that you have linked your account across the sites.

Note: You can only copy/move projects between linked sites if you are a site administrator in both sites.

In the Projects area of your site, select the three dots to the left of a project's name to show the project menu. You can then select Copy/Move from the Manage Project tab.

In the copy/move modal, you can choose whether you want to copy or move the project, and the destination site.

You can also specify which project items you want to include in the copy/move.

In the Options tab, you can:

  • Select a date offset to move tasks and milestones:
    • Shift all tasks and milestones by the same number of days
    • Don't include Saturdays and Sundays when calculating new due dates
    • Calculate new due dates but keep tasks and milestones off weekends
  • Create entries in the new project's Overview
  • Make yourself the creator of the copied tasks and milestones
  • Uncomplete tasks and milestones
  • Copy comments
  • Copy project roles

For more information, see: Linking multiple Teamwork Projects sites