Within Teamwork.com, you can link multiple sites where you are a member and switch easily between them.


  • The sites you are linking must be hosted in the same region - US hosted to US hosted only or EU hosted to EU hosted only.
    • An EU hosted site will have the following prefix in the URL: "sitename.eu.teamwork.com"
  • It is not possible to link multiple sites while impersonating another user. 

Linking your Teamwork.com accounts

Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Edit my details from the pop-out menu.

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In your user details modal, go to the Account tab and choose the Link Teamwork.com Accounts option.

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In the pop-up modal, you will see any other sites your email address is associated with automatically. Click the link button next to the site you want to link, and enter your password for that site when prompted.

  • You will see the icon to the left of each site turn green when it's successfully linked.
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If you have an account on another site using a different email address, choose the Find accounts with a different email option in the bottom left of the modal to link the account.

In the additional pop-up modal, you can then add the email address and click Submit to find associated accounts.

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Click Finished in the link accounts modal and then Update in the Account tab of your personal details modal to return to the main screen.

Once at least one additional account is linked to your current account, a Switch Account option will be added to your profile menu.

Note: If you are a site administrator in the owner company of both sites, you can also copy or move items between sites once you've set this up.

Switching between accounts

Once you have linked your Teamwork.com sites, you will be able to switch between them at any time.

When logged in to one of the accounts, click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site. Select the More option in the pop-out menu, then click Switch account.

You will then see a list of any other accounts you have linked, as well as the option to link more accounts. Selecting a site will reload the browser tab with that site.

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Unlinking sites

To unlink a site, select the Link Teamwork.com Accounts option to bring up the list of accessible sites.

You can then choose the Unlink option to the right of the site you wish to remove. Click Finished to complete the removal of the account.

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