Within Teamwork, you can view the current usage of active budgets across your projects in a number of ways.

Project settings

Go to the General tab of the relevant project's settings and scroll to the Project Budget panel.

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The budget panel displays the total budget value (time or financial), percentage currently used, and remaining allowance.

Budget dates, repeat frequency, and notifications will also be displayed.

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Dashboard Summary

In the Summary subsection of a project's Dashboard area, the current active budget will be displayed in a panel.

The Project Budget panel shows a breakdown of used and remaining time or money as well as budget dates and notifications.

You can also see an additional Budget History panel here which details a timeline of previous budgets on the project.

Project header

When viewing an individual project, a visual indicator of the current budget's usage will be displayed to the right of the project name.

Hovering over it will give you a breakdown of the budget details with an option to edit the budget.

Projects list view

Budget column is included in the List subsection of the main Projects area. This column uses a traffic light color system to show how budget usage on each project is tracking.

For each project where a budget is set, you will see the current usage percentage and time or money remaining. If the budget is running over, you will see how much over budget it is.

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For more information, see: Setting a Project Financial Budget