Within Teamwork, you can access deleted project items via the project trash can.

Deleted items are stored in the trash can for 30 days, before being permanently deleted. You can restore any deleted item within 30 days of when it was deleted.

Note: Only administrators and project administrators have access to the trash can. 

Hover over the project name and click the three dots on the right. Go to the Manage Project section of the dropdown menu and select the Trash Can option.

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You can hover over the name of each item in the trash can to see details of who deleted it.

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Note: You can only restore items you have permission to see.

You can choose to only display certain project items that have been deleted by selecting the dropdown arrow of the trash can.

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Note: When restoring a task from the trash can, any previous comments on that specific task will also be restored.

For more information, see: Viewing and Restoring Deleted Projects