Within the Teamwork.com mobile app, you can log time directly to your projects and tasks either manually or via timers.

Log time via the quick add menu

You can quickly log time to any of your projects via the quick add menu. Press the + button in the main navigation bar at the bottom of the app to open the quick add menu, then select Log time

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In the pop-up screen, you can select a project and task to associated with the time log, and set a description. Using the toggle at the bottom, you can set the time log as billable.

Log time on a task

When viewing an individual task in a project, tap the clock icon (Image Placeholder) at the top of the screen.

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You can also scroll to the Logged Time subsection of the task details and click Log Time at the bottom of the time summary.

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A pop-up screen will open allowing you to set start & end time and dates for the time entry, time log duration, description, and whether the time is billable. Click Save to add the time log to the task and project.

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Track time with timers

Start a timer to track time as you work, then log the time to a project or task.

Quick add menu

Click the icon in the main menu bar and select Start timer.
  • A timer starts at the bottom of the screen and is automatically linked to your most recently viewed project.
    📝 If your most recently accessed project does not have the Time feature enabled, an error will be shown. Select the folder icon in the main menu to choose a different project, before using Start timer again.
  • You can create multiple timers, however only one can be running at a time.
  • Use the pause and stop icons to mange each timer.

Tap the timer to open the timer details view where you can update the timer's details before clicking Save:
  • Change the associated project.
  • Link a task.
  • Set a description.
  • Mark as billable.

You can also delete the timer from this view.

Start a timer on a task

Start a timer directly on a task. In the individual task details view, tap the play icon (Image Placeholder) at the top of the screen.

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Click the stop icon beside the timer to stop the timer running and log the tracked time to the task. Once a time entry has been logged, it will be visible in the task's Logged Time section.

Start a timer on a project

You can also start a timer at project level. In the project hub view, tap the timer icon in the top right. A running timer starts at the bottom of the screen.

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Manage timers

You can initiate multiple timers in the Teamwork.com mobile app via quick add, projects, or tasks. However, only one timer can be actively running at a time.

The timer banner is visible from all areas of the mobile app and displays the current timer. Tap the timer's current time to log the timer's tracked time.

When you have multiple timers, a count is displayed on the banner's right. Tap the count to expand the menu and view all timers. In this pop-up menu, you can:
  • Press play on a different timer to switch to tracking time on that timer.
  • Press stop to stop the current timer.
  • Log all timers.

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View tracked time

View existing time entries on a project from the project's Time area.

  1. Tap the folder icon in the app's main menu to view your most recently accessed project.
    💡 Select Projects at the top of the screen to return to the projects list and select another project.
  2. Tap the Time card in the project's dashboard.
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