Within the Teamwork Android app, you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to move between the various areas of the app.

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Home is the dashboard of the app, and includes a My Day breakdown, as well as quick links to activity, calendar, statuses, and people.

You can also access your profile by pressing your profile avatar at the top of this view.


The Projects area provides a list of all of the projects you are a member of, with starred projects listed first.

Associated project categories will be indicated using the corresponding category color to the right of the project name.

You can enter a detailed view of any project by pressing the project name.


You can quickly view and add any upcoming events to your calendar. Click on any day and event to open the event details. Using the quick add option will automatically prompt to add a new event to your site. 


You will see all notifications you are subscribed to, ordered by date. Unread notifications will be highlighted in blue and can be pressed to open and marked as read.

Badge icons on top of the users avatar will let you know the type of notification, such as a status update or event. 


You can view the statuses set by each of your team members ordered by date. The option to set your own status can be found using the quick add option. 

Quick add

Using the blue + icon in the navigation bar, you can quickly add new:

  • Multiple tasks
  • Events
  • Messages
  • Log time
  • Single tasks

Navigation sidebar

The left hand menu can be accessed from all tabs in the app. Select the three lines icon in the top right hand corner to open the sidebar.

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From here you can switch accounts via the dropdown arrow to the right of your name. You can also access the submit feedback option and settings. 

From the settings cog, you can: 

  • Enable push notifications
  • View the app version

For more information, see: Working with the Home View (Android)