Within the Teamwork iOS app, you can quickly add new project items from anywhere in the app.

Press the blue + button in the main navigation bar at the bottom of the app to open the quick add menu.

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The quick add menu will allow you to add: 

  • Events
  • Projects
  • Messages
  • Time 
  • Tasks 


When you select Event from the quick add menu, an additional window will open in the app allowing you to add the event details.

You can enter the event name, date, and duration. You can also add the location and set the event privacy.

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Further options include adding attendees, notifying certain users, and setting reminders for the event.


The project option in the quick add menu allows you to quickly add a new project to your site, giving it a title and optional description.

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When creating a message via the quick add menu, you can select which project to create your message in by tapping the arrow to the right of the current project name.

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You will need to add a message title and content before saving the message. Further options include notifying users, setting privacy, and adding tags.


You can quickly log time to any of your projects by selecting the time option. In the pop-up screen, you can select a project and task to associated with the time log. You can also set the start time, end time, duration, and description. Using the toggle at the bottom, you can set the time log as billable.

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Adding a task

When adding a task, you can select a project and task list by tapping the currently selected project or task list name to view the available projects and corresponding task lists.

You can add a task name and description, as well as assign the task to someone, notify users, add tags, and attach files.

Tap the options menu (three dots) below the task to expand the task options. These include start and end dates, priority, board column, privacy, followers, and estimated time.

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For more information, see: Working with the Home View