Within the Teamwork.com iOS app, you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to move between the various areas of the app.

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Home is the dashboard of the app and includes a My Day breakdown, as well as quick links to activity, calendar, statuses, and people. 

You can also access your profile and switch between your linked Teamwork.com accounts.


The projects tab (folder icon) opens a pop-up list of all of the projects you are a member of, with starred projects listed first.

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Associated project categories are indicated using each category's corresponding color on the project name's right.

You can view any individual project by pressing the project name. 

Quick add

Using the blue icon in the navigation bar, you can quickly add new:

  • Project
  • Event
  • Message
  • Start timer
  • Log time
  • Task 


The two icons on the right of the navigation bar are customizable. When you long press either icon, a pop-up displays with different app areas you can navigate to.

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Once you choose an item from the list, the icon in the navigation bar automatically updates to reflect your selection.

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The areas accessible via these menus include:

  • Activity
  • Calendar
    • You can quickly view and add any upcoming events to your calendar. Click on any day and event to open the event details. Using the quick add option will automatically prompt to add a new event to your site. 
  • Notifications
    • Your bell notifications are split into Unread and Read tabs and are ordered by date (newest first).
    • Swipe left on an unread notification and tap the blue tick to mark the notification as read.
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    • An icon is displayed on top of the associated user's profile image indicating the notification type (task, milestone, comment, etc.).
  • People
  • Statuses
    • You can view the statuses set by each of your team members ordered by date. Use the quick add menu to set your own status.
  • My day
  • My work

Additional options

Click your profile image at the top of the Home area access additional app options:

  • View profile
  • Switch accounts
  • Provide feedback
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Dark mode

The Teamwork.com iOS app supports the native dark mode feature of iOS. When you have dark mode enabled for your device, the Teamwork.com app automatically applies the setting.

📝 Dark mode is supported on Teamwork.com mobile app version 3.1.0 and above.

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