Within Teamwork.com, you can add messages to your projects via email using a unique email address.

Note: Any project members with the project permission to Add Messages can use the post via email feature.

In the Messages section of the project, click the options button (three dots) in the top right and and select Post a message via email.

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In the post via email modal, click the Copy button or highlight the address and use ctrl /  cmd + c on your keyboard.

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  • Add notify+ to notify all people on the project of the message
    • e.g: notify+example@messages.teamwork.com
  • Add private+ to post a private message to just members of the owner company
    • e.g: private+example@messages.teamwork.com
  • Add #end after your email contents so your signature is not included (make sure this is on a separate line from your content)
    • Even without #end, if your signature has images, Teamwork.com will remove the images once our system can see that they are used repeatedly.
  • You can "mention" a set of people in the body of the email such as @dan @peter to notify individuals of the new message 
  • Add [#Category] in the subject line to post the message in a specific category. The category needs to be added before subject name.
    • If the category already exists we use it, if not we will create a new category
  • Add tags to messages by adding them as #tag1 #tag2 and so on in the subject line of the email

Messages created via email

Messages created from emails will be added in the Inbox message category.

Attachments will be saved with the message.

Only emails sent from your email address(es) registered on your profile will be accepted.

Managing attachments

Attachments on emails forwarded through iOS mail app do not work, however photos or documents sent directly from an iOS app will work.

Microsoft Exchange servers sometimes attach attachments as winmail.dat which are ignored, see Microsoft's article for details.

Adding tags to messages

You can add tags to messages by adding them as #tag1 #tag2 etc, in the subject line of the email.

For tag names with multiple words, use the format #[tag name].

Example: This is a new message, with two tags:  conference and Training Day.

Once you send the email, the message will be posted to the Inbox category in the messages area of the project, unless you have specified a category in the email subject line.

Note: This feature is not intended to be used to post messages from automated systems that could generate hundreds of messages. Abuse of the message-by-email feature is likely to result in emails being blocked.