Within Teamwork.com, you can use the Success Planner to explore how your team is making use of features and functionality on your site.

Note: This feature is accessible to site administrators in the owner company.

The Success Planner highlights a series of core features identified by Teamwork.com as key contributors to your team's success with the product. By working together with your team to optimally leverage these features, you can quickly maximize the overall value you are gaining.

Click your profile icon in the bottom left corner of your site, click the More options and select Success Planner from the pop-out menu. The Success Planner will open in a quick view on the right of your screen.

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You can also quickly access the Success Planner by adding /success/#/success to the end of your site URL.

At the top of the Success Planner, you will see a feature wheel highlighting the features you are currently using along with your site's associated success score.

  • The data displayed encapsulates your entire site. Therefore, if any of the 9 listed features were used by any user on your site in the past 30 days it will be considered achieved.
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A feature is considered in use in the last 30 days if:

  • Files - any user has uploaded a file.
  • Milestones - any user has completed a milestone.
  • Mobile apps - any user has used the mobile apps.
  • Project templates - at least one project template has been used by a user.
  • Repeating tasks - any user has marked a recurring task as complete.
  • Time - time has been logged by at least one user.
  • Comments - a user has added a comment to any project item (task, file, notebook, etc.)
  • Task list templates - a task list template has been used.
  • Messages - a user has created a message on a project.

Below the success score, you will see additional subsections for the key features in use and not used on your site in the last 30 days. Once you expand a subsection, you can scroll to view a summary of each feature along with supporting help docs and videos.

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At the end of the Success Planner, the trend section will show you a graph highlighting your site's monthly usage score based on the key features.

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As your team incorporates more top features into their everyday workflow, you will see your success grow!

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For more information, see: Teamwork.com Success Planner - Video