Within Teamwork, you can comment on project items, such as tasks, milestones, files, notebooks, and links.

It is possible to view and reply to comments on individual items, to keep discussions relating to the project item all together. 

When you hover over a particular project item such as a task, you will see a speech bubble icon for adding comments.

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The comments icon will display a number representing the number of comments posted on that item. The icon will display green if you have any unread comments.

Hovering over the icon will give you a quick view of the most recent comment.

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In this comments quick view, you can mark the comment as read, add a reply, or view all comments on the item.

Anywhere you see the comment icon, you can click it to show the comment editor, where you have the same formatting options, privacy and notify options as messages. These options will be affected by the privacy settings of the item you're commenting on.

You can see all comments across all project items, in the project's Comments tab.

The Comments tab can be enabled or disabled in the project's settings. Only project administrators and above can access the settings.

Note: Reading a comment via its email notification will mark the notification as read in the app and bell.

For more information, see: Commenting on Items