Within Teamwork.com, you can upload files directly to your projects where you can view, download, and comment on them. 

You can attach files to tasks, messages, and to comments on items. Files attached to any and all project items will be shown in the files area of the project. 

To view all files on a project, select Files from the project tabs.

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File categories can be created, added, and edited from the manage categories option in the left hand pane. 

Note: The option to manage categories is only available to site administrators or project administrators of the relevant project.

Each project can have its own individual set of file categories.

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You can also create category templates that will be used as the default when creating new projects.

Below the categories, you will see a note of how much storage space you have used in this project and how much you have left overall for your site - it's shared between all of your projects.

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From the options menu (three dots) in the Files area, you can select multiple files, view the email address for posting files, and manage file categories.

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You can also upload new files or link files from your connected file integrations to the project.

Advanced filter options allow you to choose which files to display. These include keyword, user uploaded by, upload date, and tag.

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Additional options include: 

  • Hide uploaded files
  • Hide third party files (from storage integrations)
  • Show only locked files.

Sorting options for files include date, category, name or size.

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Using the view dropdown, you can switch the Files area between list, expanded, and grid view.

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File versions

You can upload a new version of a file using the dropdown menu to the right of the files details and select Upload a New version

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Once the new version of the file has been uploaded, you will see the Versions button.

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Clicking this will show you all the versions you have uploaded for that particular file.

File storage integrations

You can select files from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box instead of uploading them directly to your project by clicking the button for that integration next to the Upload Files button, as long as you have that integration enabled at both site and project level.

Browse to the file you want to add, select it and click Link-in Selected Files. Files shared like this do not count against your file storage limits as part of your plan. 

Note: Files linked from third party integrations cannot be edited in Teamwork.com.

Viewing files

Depending on the file type, you may be able to view it directly within Teamwork.com. Image files, PDFs and some spreadsheets and text documents are instantly viewable.

Other file formats need to be downloaded to open them on your computer with the appropriate application. Look for the view or download options.

For more information, see: Uploading Files in the Files Area