Within Teamwork Projects, you can use messages on your projects to discuss ideas as a team, post a question or suggestion, and everyone can add their reply to the thread.

In the messages section of each project, you will see a list of the current messages which you can sort by date, or whether they're unread. 

Three different views are available to give you a compact, list or expanded view of them all.

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You can use the green Add a Message button in the top right to create a new message.

The 'Options' (three dots) button allows you to mark all the messages as read, find the email address to use so you can post a message via email, and manage project categories.

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You can also use the advanced filters to manage which messages are displayed, by keyword, author, date created, tag, who was notified, unread only)

Creating a message

When creating a message, you can add a subject and for the content, you will find the usual formatting options such as bold, underline and italic, lists, and you can attach a file or insert an image into the body of your message.

To insert a link just click the link icon and you can add the URL and the link text.

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Message privacy

Messages do not have to be read by every user on the project so you can select privacy options for each message that you create. The people you don't include here won't be able to see the message in the project.

Message categories

While message categories are optional, they are a great way of keeping your messages tidy so you can find the one you need later on.

For example, you might use a message thread for a weekly team update - and you can create a category just for those messages so you can go straight to them. You can select the appropriate category when you create a new message. 

Hovering the mouse over the list of categories in the left panel brings up the Manage Categories options where you can add or delete message categories.

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Notify by email

When you add new message, you can select the Notify by Email option and choose who you want to be notified that the message has been added. Once you click Post Message, those people will receive an email notification with a copy of your message.

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Message options

When viewing individual message threads, you have multiple options including, print, download to PDF, Archive and delete. 

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Note: Non-administrators can edit or delete their own messages for up to 15 minutes after posting, and cannot edit or delete messages added by anyone else.

For more information, see: Getting Started