Within Teamwork, you can apply billable and cost rates for individual standard users and clients on your site.

Changes to existing rates for a user will apply for the entire day on which the rate is updated. For example:

  • A user's billable rate is changed at 11:30AM on April 6th.
  • The new rate will apply to the user from the previous midnight, i.e. the entirety of April 6th.
  • Any time logs for that user for April 6th and the future will use the new rate.

Once a rate is set for a user, the corresponding value for time logs added to invoices on your projects will be calculated based on the chosen hourly rate for the user.

Note: Rates cannot be set for collaborators or contacts.

Cost rates

The cost rate for a user is the hourly cost to your company to employ the user.

Note: Cost rates can only be set at site level.

Billable rates

The billable rate for a user is the hourly rate you charge clients for the user on a project.

Billable rates can be set at site level and project level.

  • The site level billable rate will be the default across all of the user's projects.
    • If a site level rate is set after a user is added to a project, the rate will not be inherited for that project.
  • Project level billable rates are project-specific and will override the site level rate.


In the General subsection of your site settings, you can set a global currency for your site which will apply to all user billable and cost rates.

If the site currency is changed, it will be updated across existing user rates but will not impact existing invoices.

Note: This setting can only be managed by site administrators in the owner company.

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The actions a user can take relating to user rates will depend on their permission level.

Site Administrators
Project permissions
External Company
Permission to view rates
Permission to edit rates
View site wide billable rates

Manage site wide billable rates

View site wide level cost rates

Manage site wide cost rates

View project hourly rates

Manage project hourly rates

View project profitability

At project level, you can grant user rate permissions to individual users on the project.

  • View Hourly Rates - allow the user to see the rates associated with project members when viewing an invoice.
    • Note: Users will automatically be granted permission to view other people's time and access billing when the view hourly rates permission is enabled.
  • Edit Hourly Rates - allow the user to view and edit hourly rates for users on the project via the Set Rates option in the Finance tab from the Billing subsection.
    • Note: Collaborators cannot be granted permission to edit hourly rates.

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For more information, see: Setting User Rates