Within Teamwork, you can create invoices in your project based on time logs and expenses or with a fixed price.

To create a new invoice, go to the Billing area of your project and select the Add Invoice button in the top right.

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In the Add Invoice modal, you will need to fill out the required fields in the Essentials tab. 


  • Invoice No./ID: Enter the invoice ID or number of the invoice. There are no restrictions on the types of characters added here.
  • Issue date: The date you wish the invoice to be issued on.
  • Currency: We support all major currencies. The currency selected will display on the invoice in a number of areas, this includes the total, the subtotal and inline with the time entry or expense.
  • Invoice pricing: Choose whether your invoice is to be a fixed price or based on the time and expenses added.

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In the Optional tab, you can:

  • PO number: Choose to enter a client purchase order, if required.
  • Notes: Add any notes you may require to show on the invoice. The notes will display in the upper section of your invoice under the issue date.
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At the top of the modal, you will see reference to the last invoice added to the site (that you have permission to view).


Filtering options are also available for both unbilled time logs & expenses. This allows users to choose & find time logs or expenses associated with a person or date range along with how logs are sorted - ascending or descending. 

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If you chose the fixed price option when creating the invoice, the invoice total will be the figure you set, regardless of the time and expenses you add.

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If you chose price based on time and expenses, the total will be calculated taking hourly rates for each person into account.

Note: When you have added a time log to an invoice, it will show up as billed and the time log will not be editable.

For more information, see: Editing an Invoice