Within Teamwork Desk, you can use the time tracking feature to log time on tickets.

Note: You must first enable the time tracking tool in your Teamwork Desk site settings.

When viewing an individual ticket, you will see a Time Tracking subsection in the ticket options sidebar to the right of the ticket thread.

Any time previously logged on the ticket is listed in this section. An agent's ability to view these time entries depends on your site's time tracking settings.
  • Allow agents to see all tracked time must be enabled in order for agents to view all time entries on a ticket. When this setting is off, agents can only see their own time entries.

Logging time on a ticket

Depending on the time tracking settings enabled for your site, you can allow time to be tracked manually or automatically.

Agents with permission will see a Log time button below any existing time log entries in the Time Tracking section of the ticket sidebar.

When logging time, you can enter the total time from hours down to seconds and also associate the entry with a specific date. The time entry can also be set as billable and a description can be added.

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Once you click Save, the time log will be listed in the Time Tracking section of the ticket details pane.

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If automatic time tracking is enabled, a timer will start automatically in the the bottom right of a ticket when you open it. Each time you send a new response or add a note on the ticket, a new time log will be created based on the timer tracked time. 

When creating a new ticket or a message, the timer will start automatically in the top right corner of the new ticket form.

Logging time to Teamwork.com

The Time Tracking section also provides the ability to log time directly to a project or task in your associated Teamwork.com account.

Click the Log time on a project button to create an entry.

When logging time, you will be able to select the following:

  • Project - which project in your Teamwork.com site to associate with the time entry.
  • Task - log the time to a specific task (optional).
  • Date - Date on which the time should be logged. 
  • Time - If you are logging time for the first time on the ticket to a project the time section will be automatically filled to the nearest minute logged on the ticket.
  • Billable - Should the time being logged be marked as billable time.
  • Include start time - Allows you to enter a start time to your logged time.
  • Description - Add a description so that you can refer to the time log at a later stage.

Click Save to submit the time log.

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Once logged, the entry will appear under the associated project heading in the Time Tracking section of the ticket details pane. You can click a project name to navigate to that project in a new browser tab.

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The time log(s) created on your ticket can be viewed in the Time area of the project.

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Any time you log from a ticket to a project and mark as billable can be used to generate an invoice on your project.

Once an invoice has been completed, you will not be able to edit any of the ticket's time logs included in that invoice.

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For more information, see: Creating a Task in a Ticket