Within Teamwork Desk, you can enable time tracking settings for time spent within tickets you receive.

Note: You will first need to enable the ticket time tracking tool within the apps settings of Teamwork Desk before the options below can be found.

To manage your time tracking settings, select the General tab within your site settings. Click Time Tracking from the left hand pane. 

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When you enable the Customize tracking settings for each inbox option, you can adjust the time tracking settings per individual inbox.

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Automatic time tracking

This will enable time tracking on all tickets in your inboxes. The timer will start in the bottom right of the ticket.

This will enable automatic time tracking on all tickets in your inbox(es). Once you open a ticket, a timer will start automatically in the the bottom right.

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Each time an agent sends a new response on a ticket or adds a note, a new time log will be created from the timer.

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When creating a new ticket or a message, the timer will start automatically in the top right corner of the new ticket form. 

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When automatic time tracking is enabled, standard agents can see any time that gets automatically tracked on their own replies and notes.

Allow agents to edit tracked time

When enabled, agents can edit all agents' time logs and create manual time logs in any inbox where they have access.

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When permission to edit tracked time is enabled, standard agents will be able to edit their own existing time logs on the ticket as well as manually log new time.

Note: Administrators can always edit their own time logs.

Allow agents to see time tracked

When enabled, standard agents will be able to view all time logged on a ticket by all agents.

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Note: Administrators will always be able to view their own time logs.


When time tracking is enabled, you can leverage the Reports area to gain insights into time-related aspects of your tickets and identify the issues your agents are typically spending most of their time supporting. Reporting options include:

  • Resolution time
  • Average first response time
  • Most expensive tickets/customers
  • Recent response times


Time tracking logs from Teamwork Desk can also be shared with your Teamwork site. Once you log time from tickets to a project in Teamwork, you can use those time logs in the creation of invoices.

For more information, see: Logging Time on Tickets