Within Teamwork Desk, you can create a ticket summary export in CSV format.

To access the export option, go to the Reports area of your site.

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You can use the date range picker at the top of the Reports area as the basis for the export.

Note: The export will only include tickets/threads created within the selected date range.

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Click the Export button in the top right to generate the CSV file. Each ticket created within the selected time frame will be included in the export along with ticket details such as:

Ticket ID
Time billed
Response time
Customer name
Resolution time
Email address
Creation date
Last updated date 
Happiness rating
Custom fields
Happiness comment

Time tracked
The export will use the timezone set in the profile settings of the agent creating the export, no the overall timezone set in the site settings.

Note: The export option is part of the Reports feature which is available on the Premium plan and above.


The ticket summary export is generated independently of what is visible to you on screen in the Reports area. The following restrictions apply to the export:

  • The compare dates function is not included.
  • Time:
    • You cannot generate an overall time report using the export function.
    • For each ticket in the export, the total logged time for the ticket will be included regardless of when the time was logged.
    • The selected date range applies only to the ticket/thread creation date and not to the dates of the time logs on the ticket. Therefore, if you logged time on a ticket today but that ticket was created outside of the selected date range, the ticket will not appear in the export.
  • If data exports are disabled in your site's advanced security settings, you will not be able to generate a ticket summary export.
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For more information, see: Reports