Within Teamwork Desk, you can access the activity stream to view actions taken on your customer tickets.

Go to the Home area of your site and select the Activity subsection.

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The activity section will show you a timeline of activities that have occurred across tickets on your site within the last 24 hours.

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For each activity, you will see:

  • An icon denoting the activity type (assigned to, status change, replied, viewed ticket)
  • The avatar of the user who performed the activity
  • The user's name
  • A text description of their activity
  • The associated ticket number and subject
    • You can click the ticket subject to go directly to the ticket.
  • The inbox where the ticket resides
  • Timestamp to indicate when the edit was made.

Note: Only activities completed within the last 24 hours will be displayed.  

For more information, see: Insights