Within Teamwork Desk, tickets are grouped into the individual inboxes customers submitted them to.

Sample inbox

A sample inbox is automatically created for you when you first access your site. It is designed for you to test out sending and interacting with tickets before creating inboxes of your own.

The sample inbox is intended for basic testing purposes, therefore it has a 20-message limit (inbound and outbound messages inclusively).

⚠️ Once the limit is reached, no new messages will be sent or received by the sample inbox.


You can create separate inboxes for different company communication needs (ex. marketing, support, billing).

Each inbox has an associated email address — when a customer emails that address, a ticket is created in the inbox.
  • An inbox can be set up by:
    • Creating a new Teamwork Desk email address to receive tickets to.
    • Forwarding emails from an existing external mail system. 
    • 📝 External forwarding is only supported from private email domains. You cannot forward from @gmail.com, @outlook.com, @hotmail.com etc.
The tickets in each inbox are grouped based on their current status (ex. new, closed, waiting on.

📝 Teamwork Desk has email sending limits in place for unverified domains. To increase your email sending limits, you must verify the inbox's domain.

Starred inboxes

Teamwork Desk provides a unified view (Starred Inboxes) which you can populate with tickets from specific inboxes you're a member of that you use frequently.

Star individual inboxes from the Home area to include their tickets in the Starred Inboxes view in the Tickets.

For more information, see: Using the Starred Inboxes View