Within Teamwork Desk, you can create new inboxes for the various customer issues you will be handling.

📝 This page relates to the Classic Desk navigation experience. In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, smart inboxes are now called custom views.

These inboxes are separate, but you also have access to a unified inbox where you can choose to view emails from selected inboxes all in one place.

To view your inboxes, go to the Tickets area at the top of your site.

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In the left pane, you will see a list of your created inboxes along with your starred inboxes.  

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Starred inboxes

By starring certain inboxes, you can then use the Starred Inboxes view to see all tickets across the selected inboxes in one place.

To view which inboxes you have starred, select Home from the top navigation bar.

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In the My Inboxes section, you will see a list of the current inboxes you have access to.

You can add inboxes to your Starred Inboxes view in the Tickets area by clicking the star icon to the left of the inbox name.

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If you are an administrator, you will also have an additional option at the end to add yourself directly to other inboxes you have access to.

When you hover over an individual inbox, you can use the to remove yourself from the inbox.

Note: Any tickets currently assigned to you in that inbox will be unassigned.

Individual inboxes

The individual inboxes created on your site will be listed beneath the Starred Inboxes section in the Tickets area. The tickets shown in these are specific to each inbox and you can access subsections based on ticket status.

  • New – New tickets for that specific inbox.
  • Mine – Tickets assigned to me within that inbox.
  • On-Hold – Tickets marked as on-hold by an agent within that inbox.
  • Assigned – Assigned to others within that inbox.
  • Waiting – Waiting on customers to reply to a ticket within that inboxes.
  • Spam - Spam tickets in this inbox.
  • Custom - If you have any custom statuses set up, and those statuses are currently in use on tickets, you will also see subsections for each of those statuses.

📝 In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, the status groups have moved to a secondary horizontal navigation for Starred Inboxes, My Tickets, Custom Views (aka smart inboxes), Individual inboxes, and Training Wheels.

Sample inbox

Within Teamwork Desk, a sample inbox is automatically created for you when you first access your site. It is designed for you to test out sending and interacting with tickets, before creating inboxes of your own.

Since it is intended for basic testing purposes only, the Sample Inbox has a limit of 20 messages in place. This limit includes both Inbound and outbound messages.

Note: After twenty messages, no new messages will be sent or received by the sample inbox.

Smart inboxes

You can use smart inboxes to create a custom view of a specific group of tickets.

When creating a smart inbox, you can add one or multiple conditions as the basis for which tickets will be included. You can also set the conditions for when either any or all selected conditions are matched.

For more information, see: Using the Starred Inboxes View