Within Teamwork Desk, you can utilize your custom business hours in triggers, canned responses, and auto replies.

Note: The Business Hours feature is available on Premium subscription plans and above.

Business hours can be set up to mirror your company's working hours. When applied, ticket metrics are only calculated based on these opening hours.

Locating a business hours ID

Each set of business hours created for your site will have a corresponding unique ID. This ID is used as the reference point in canned responses and auto replies where you want to include business hours.

In the Business Hours section of your site settings, click the relevant entry to open a quick view.

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The business hours ID will be located at the top right of the quick view. Clicking the ID will copy it to your clipboard.

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Canned responses and auto replies

When creating canned responses or auto replies, click the Insert Variable option in the editor and select Business Hours from the dropdown list of variables.

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The business hours variable will be added to the editor. Highlight the section referencing business_hour_id and paste the copied business hours ID.

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You can also utilize business hours in conditions and actions when creating triggers for your inboxes.

Note: The first set of business hours created are automatically applied to all new tickets. If additional business hours are created, you will need to set up triggers to apply those schedules.

In the Conditions section of your trigger, business hours can be used with the ticket Creation date condition.

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You can choose from a variety of business hours-related condition types:

  • Within business hours
  • Not within business hours
  • Is on holidays
  • Is not on holidays

In the Action section of your triggers, you can also utilize business hours by setting the action to Apply Business Hours.

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For both actions and triggers, you will be able to specify which set of existing business hours to apply.

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You can also click the information icon to the right of a set of business hours in the dropdown to open a preview detailing the hours.

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Note: Only one business hours schedule can be applied to a ticket at any given time.

When viewing the Business Hours area, the Triggers column will display a count of the number of triggers currently using the schedule. You can hover over the count to view the list of triggers. Clicking a trigger will bring you directly to the trigger's settings.

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For more information, see: Setting Business Hours for Your Site