Within Teamwork Desk, you can review your billing details in your settings.

To do this click on your profile icon to the top right of Desk and choose Settings from the dropdown.

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Note: Only administrators can access the settings area.

In the settings area, go to the Subscription tab where you will see your subscription summary.

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The Subscription Summary area will show you when your next payment is due, as well as:

  • Billing plan - which Desk plan you are subscribed to.
  • Usage - number of users (agents) and Help Docs sites currently paid for as part of your subscription.
  • Price - price per user or Help Docs site per month.
  • Total - monthly total for user / Help Docs site count.
  • Total Payment - annual total for users / Help Docs sites.
    • The overall subscription total is noted in the bottom right along with the next payment date.
If you add extra agents during your subscription period, the difference in subscription cost based on this change will be calculated immediately, pro-rata.

Note: You will not be charged during your free trial.