Within Teamwork CRM, you can create opportunities on your site to track the qualified leads coming through your team.

Select the Opportunities tab from the navigation bar at the top of your site.

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Click the Add opportunity button in the top right of the Opportunities area.

In the opportunity modal, you will need to add a title for your opportunity. You can select a company and contact for the opportunity. The dropdown will show the existing ones you can choose from, and you can also create new ones here.

You can select a pipeline and corresponding stage for the opportunity. To add value to the opportunity, you can use the price fields to add the relevant details. 

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If you have existing products created, you can use the product dropdown option to associate existing products with the opportunity. The total will update automatically based on the associated prices of the products.

Once you have added all of the relevant details for the opportunity, you can either click Save or Add activity. Clicking Add activity will automatically create the opportunity and open a new modal where you can add an activity for the opportunity. When creating activities, you can also set activity reminders.

Adding opportunities from other areas 

You can add an opportunity from within any other area of your site by using the quick add menu. Select the quick add + button near the top right of the site and choose Add opportunity from the dropdown. 

For more information, see: Viewing an Opportunity