Within Teamwork CRM, you can view and update your opportunities at any time.

When using board view, your opportunities will be displayed as cards across the stages of your pipeline. Alternatively, you can use list view. 

Each card gives you a quick overview of the deal itself, including: 

  • Opportunity name, value, company, owner, contact, activity.

The color of the activity icon will change based on when the activity is due:

  • Red - overdue
  • Orange - no activity
  • Green - today
  • Grey - upcoming
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Click the magnifying glass icon to open a quick view of the opportunity. Alternatively, hover over the opportunity card and press v on your keyboard. The quick view will show the opportunity's main details as well as the next three activities. Using the edit pencil at the top of the quick view, you can quickly update the opportunity's properties.

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Alternatively, click an opportunity card to open the full opportunity details view. The individual profile for the selected opportunity will open.

In the left-hand, you will see a summary the opportunity's details, including:

  • Opportunity name, value, associated pipeline, associated stage, expected close date, product.

You can edit any of these properties via the edit pencil icon to the right of the opportunity's name.

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Once the opportunity owner has determined the opportunity won or lost, they can mark it as such in this section.

Further details within the left-hand pane include contact, company, owner, project, custom, and statistics.

The contact, company, and oner information for the opportunity can be updated using the link symbol. Clicking a contact, company, or owner name will open the individual's associated profile.

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If you have linked the opportunity to a project in Teamwork, you will see an additional Project section in the sidebar with a direct link to the project.

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The Custom section will include any custom fields you have populated for the opportunity.

  • If no custom fields are filled out for the opportunity, this section will not show custom field information. Click the edit pencil to access and populate existing custom fields. 
  • Note: The edit pencil will only appear if you already have custom fields for deals created on your site.

The Statistics section includes the deal age and date created, as well as the person who created the deal.

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Opportunity timeline

To the right of the opportunity details sidebar, you will see a timeline of the previous and scheduled activities, as well as any notes and files added to the opportunity.

To the right of each individual activity, the options button (three dots) allows you to mark the activity complete/incomplete, edit, or delete it.

Notes can be pinned, edited, or deleted. Files can be downloaded or deleted.

For more information, see: Adding Activity to a Lead or Opportunity