Within Teamwork CRM, you can set reminders for upcoming activities on leads and opportunities.

Note: By default, there will be no reminders set on an activity.

When creating a new activity or editing an existing one, you will see a Reminders section at the bottom of the activity form.

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Click the Add reminder option to open the reminder area. For each reminder, you can select one or multiple users to be notified. Alternatively, you can check the All assignees box to notify all users currently assigned to the activity.

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You can also set when the reminder should be sent relative to the activity's due date. Reminders can be sent a number of minutes, hours, or days beforehand.

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You can use the Add reminder option below the current reminder to set additional reminders for different users or durations. Once you save the activity, the reminder(s) will also be saved.

There is no limit to the number of reminders that can be set for an activity. Once a reminder is set, the recipients will get an alert via the notification bell. If they have email notifications enabled for their profile, they will also receive the reminder via email.

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Understanding when reminders are sent

Reminders will only be sent for activities that are incomplete at the time the reminder is due to send. This includes:

  • If a completed activity is reopened before the time a reminder is due to send, the reminders will be sent as normal (provided the activity remains incomplete until the reminder send time).

  • If an activity is reopened and the due time or date is changed to a later time, send the reminder relative to that new, upcoming time.

    • Any changes made to the due date or time of an activity will automatically update any existing reminders accordingly. Reminders will only be sent if the new time/date is in the future.
  • If an activity only has a due date set and no due time, the reminder will be sent minutes/hours before the day it is due.

Reminders will not be sent if:

  • The associated activity is marked as complete.
  • A completed activity is reopened after the time a reminder should have been sent.
  • A completed activity is reopened and the due time or date is changed to an earlier time (in the past).

Deleting a reminder

To delete an existing reminder from an activity, click the to the right of the reminder then click Save at the bottom of the activity form.

Note: If you click cancel or do not save the activity after removing the reminder, the reminder will remain.

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For more information, see: Adding Activity to a Lead or Opportunity