Import2 is a third party solution that assists in app to app imports, imports via CSV, and exporting data to populate and extract information between your tools.

In order to use Import2 imports and exports, you must have an Import2 account. 

For any queries relating to this import tool, please contact Import2.

Within Import2, you can use the app to app import tool to import data to Teamwork CRM from another application.

Note: Before importing, all pipelines, stages, users, and custom fields referenced in your import must first be added to Teamwork CRM.

You must first connect to Import2 via Teamwork CRM. Once connected, go to the Import2 dashboard and click the New option in the App to App import section.

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The app to app modal will allow you to select the source application to import from. Click and choose Add new connection to select the product you are importing from.

Once selected, you will be prompted to log in and validate access to your chosen application. 

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Click the To Application dropdown and select Add New Connection. Search or browse Teamwork CRM and click ADD to connect. If you have multiple Teamwork accounts, you will be required to choose an account to link. 

You will again be prompted to log in and validate data access to Teamwork CRM. 

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You can then choose which items you are importing from your chosen app, and select the corresponding field in Teamwork CRM. 

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Note: To import deals into Teamwork CRM, you must first import companies, followed by contacts, and lastly deals. This is to ensure deals can be associated with the companies and contacts when imported. 

The options for import are: 

  • Add new records
  • Update existing records
  • Add new and update existing records

Click Continue to proceed. 

You will then be able to configure your field mapping. This is to ensure the fields within each tool map correctly allowing for the content to be imported to the correct corresponding field. 

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Select Start import once you have completed the mapping. 

Depending on which items you are importing, certain required fields exist. If these are needed, a pop-up will inform you of the requirements and enable you to add mapping or set a default value. 

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Once the import has completed, you will be provided a list of the imported items. To open an item in Teamwork CRM, select the Open in Teamwork CRM icon to the left of the imported item. 

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Import2 Errors 

During the import process any rows that fail to be imported will be listed under an Errors section.  

You can choose to: 

  • Undo - this will undo the full import attempt
  • Retry errors - will allow you to return to your mapping section for review and editing
  • Download failed rows - downloads the error rows to a CSV file

For more information, see: CSV Import via Import2