Import2 is a third party solution that assists in app to app imports, imports via CSV, and exporting data to populate and extract information between your tools.

In order to use Import2 imports and exports, you must have an Import2 account. 

For any queries relating to this import tool, please contact Import2.

Within Teamwork CRM, you can connect to Import2 which will enable you to export data via CSV.

Once you have successfully connected to Import2 via Teamwork CRM, select New from the Export option in the Import2 Dashboard. 

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In the Export modal, select Teamwork CRM under the What are you exporting? section. You can then choose which items you would like to export and how often the export should run. 

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Click Start Export to begin the process. 

You will then be able to select which columns to be exported and included in your CSV file.

Once selected, the columns will be visible within the Selected columns area and highlighted in pink. You can reorder your selected columns via the drag and drop option. To remove a column, use the X to the right of the item name. 

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Click Save to continue. 

Once processed, select Download CSV to download the file. 

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For more information, see: Connecting to Import2